Monday, December 20, 2010

Elephant Semen By Mor Taweepoke

Elephant semen

How important?

In the past, all the bulls worked in logging camp and they live with the cow around 3 months a year in summer time as holiday that we called “ khao pang ram” and they have chance to get the calves. Recently, most of bull were live separately and work all year in logging and tourist camps which they never get chance to mate with the cow. Only few bulls are available to breed with the cow, causes health status, behavior, semen quality and the mahout concern, this indicate the limitation for elephant breeding.

One of important thing is the semen quality; from our survey found that more than 50% of male elephant semen is low quality. In addition, most of them lost of mating behavior and sometimes hurt the cow when they get too close.

To solve the semen quality problem, the semen collection and evaluation by manual manipulation are available.


First, select bull who perform the good character, good habit and puberty.

Second, train the bull for semen collection.

Third, prepare the place where is quiet, clean, strong stable and water supply.

The semen evaluation


Volume, % Motility, urine contamination, foreign material, consistency, density, color, pH, dead-alive and concentration.

Result of semen quality test of 3 elephants

1- Elephant name Plai Patt, BCS 2, 50 yr.

Interpretation: poor semen quality causes old age and death sperm accumulation.

2- Elephant name Sido Somneuk, BCS 3(almost be musth) , 38 yr

Interpretation: good semen quality and can be the good bull, need to be train about the mating.

3- Elephant name Plai Sumeth, BCS 2.5, 14 yr

Interpretation: poor semen quality causes death sperm accumulation and too young.

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